October 17, 2013, 19:11

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  1. Ville : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    replay button. :D

  2. Kochar : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    Born never said anything like this tho so still it was pretty dirty 

  3. Sara : October 17, 2013, 19:11

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  4. Kalopov : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    have 4 rings. LeBron was by himself for 2 finals. Wade was the leader of

  5. POER : October 17, 2013, 19:11

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  6. Ahmad : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    I understand...everything that Lebron does is gonna be anniversary thing to pfizer viagra free samples

  7. Saviola : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    buy avandia Lucky none of them got shot. (Too soon?)

  8. Ville : October 17, 2013, 19:11

    Is it me or doesn't he look a lot like pierce from saints row 3 & 4