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Projects We Fund.

Most of our work manifests through the funding of teacher and student-led projects in public schools. While we don’t have a perfectly rigid set of guidelines we apply toward selecting projects we fund, we do have a set of principles we use to make our decision. Project applications can be submitted to us via this application form:

We also actively seek projects to fund on and will accept referrals to those projects.

We typically fund projects that…

…help introduce and teach students about computer technology. This includes computer science, programming, robotics, engineering, and design.

…teach students to solve real-world, human service, and community impacting problems using computer technology.

…are conducted by schools in rural or high-poverty areas.

…are designed to reach multiple students within a school, equitably.

…help establish ongoing student interest groups like maker spaces and coding clubs.

We DO NOT typically fund projects that…

…merely use computers to teach traditional, not computer-related subjects.

…are conducted by private or charter schools.

…are limited to only a few students.

…are exclusively for students in gifted and talented programs.