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Our Partners

Supporting Partners

Our work is made possible, in great part, by our supporting partners. These partners help fund the work we’re doing in rural and high-poverty areas. We’re thankful for all their help!

Revolution Tier ($20,000+)

Innovation Tier ($10,000+)

Opportunity Tier ($5,000+)

Interested in furthering our mission by becoming a supporting partner? Please reach out and we’ll send you a partnership packet. Supporting partners receive brand visibility on our website, social media, annual report, and other platforms and communication.

Community Partners

We work with community partners who share similar goals to provide additional resources to the rural teachers and students we support. Together, we’re all stronger. 

Patreon Partners

Our recurring individual donors enable our work in rural communities through their dependable long-term support. The following individuals support us through our Patreon page

Christopher Lamberson, Sean, Debra Lacy, Michael Robinson, William Peteroy, Anthony Lee, forkbomb, Jeff S Story, Zach, Dan D-List Super Villain, Gary Fisk, Gary Holloway, Hacker Ben, Norm Allington, Robert Wilson, Snazzy Sheep, watthanachai kekhua, Chris Frappier, Dave H, Erica, George Sandford, Michael Larson, Robert Knapp, Sarah Cosey, Tindra Tieren, Valerie Smith, Elizabeth Orr, Bryce Turner, Chris G, Jibran Ilyas, Jon Mark Allen, Roxy Dee, Xoke, Sam Blaney, Cutaway Security, Don & D’Nai Garrison