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Raspberry Pi and Robotics Kits to Georgia!

roboticslabThrough, the RTF sent Raspberry Pi and Robotics kits to a rural high school in Georgia!

A note from the teacher:

Dear Rural Technology Fund,

It gives me pleasure to express my sincere gratitude for your thoughtfulness and donations to my project. Thanks for been part of this “village” to provide valuable support for my students to help them get on the right path to become successful participants in this technologically advancing society.

The Raspberry Pi project provides unique opportunities to expand students’ knowledge of computers, automation systems, and programming skills. It’s a great opportunity for students to develop problem solving skills that are highly relevant for the 21st century.

I’m really looking forward to use these tools, with the high expectation that they will make a difference in the lives of my students. I also hope to share new learning techniques gained with my colleagues.

With gratitude,
Mr. T