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RTF Seeks a Marketing and Outreach Volunteer

The Rural Technology Fund is focused on providing technology education resources to rural and high poverty areas in the US. In 2016 alone, we put technology resources in the hands of over 10,000 students, and we want to more than double that in 2017. To achieve that goal we are seeking a Director of Marketing and Outreach to join the RTF on a volunteer basis.

The ideal person for this role will be outgoing, resourceful, and excel at coming up with great ideas for expanding the reach of the RTF and furthering our goals. We want someone who has a passion for helping people and believes in the mission of providing access to technology education. Writing and communication skills are incredibly important for this role.

The primary responsibilities for this role will be:

  • Writing blog posts detailing all the good work we’re doing.
  • Sharing news and tidbits about our work on social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Creating and maintain an e-mail newsletter for donors and people interested in our mission.
  • Communicating with teachers in classrooms we’ve made donations to and learning about how their students are using the equipment and the impact being made.

The RTF is entirely volunteer-staffed, so this is not a paid position. With that in mind, there are no set hours and there is no expected minimum contribution per week. The work we are doing is incredibly rewarding, and the right candidate for this role will be passion-driven contribute meaningfully when they can. This is a great role for someone just getting into marketing, journalism, or non-profit service and is looking to build their resume, or a stay-at-home parent looking for a way to flexibly contribute to the education of others around their busy schedule.

If interested, please contact me directly at In your e-mail, tell me why you think you might be a good fit and mention any relevant experience you might have.