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RTF Shares Thanks: First Robotics Competition In Jonesboro

Students in Jonesboro, GA have a passion for engineering and robotics.  This passion showed in the many Lego Build projects they successfully completed.  Seeing this, Mr. Hampton and student leaders wanted to help the robotics team enter their first competition, they just needed the parts and equipment to do so.  Hearing a student describe how important this is to them cemented RTF’s desire to fully fund this project in cooperation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and citizen donors of Think It Up.

This project is important to me because I want to show everyone that I can build a robot. I would like to be an engineer one day, so this will give me insight on what it takes to be an engineer. If this project is funded, it will provide our Robotics Club with the materials needed to build a robot so we can enter the robotic competition.

Of course building a robot is no easy task and RTF’s donation was used to acquire wrenches, Tetrix robotic parts and kits, game pads, electronic modules, adapters, and tires.  Not only does the Robotics Team get to use these, but all of Mr. Hampton’s 40 middle school students do as well.  You can already see the engineering expertise in action!

Mr. Hampton’s joy and excitement in having the project fully funded is absolutely contagious:

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! I am overwhelmed with joy that you have chosen to fund our project. We were close to giving up, but you have saved the day. Our Robotics club is growing and our students are amazing. They are going to be very excited. Again, thank you!

Students in Jonesboro are diving head on into their competition and embracing the educational aspects of it.  They are learning so many valuable skills:

During the preparation period, the team will work as real engineers – they plan, build, program, and document the team’s work. They attain solution-oriented, craft, organizational and social skills that they need before and during the tournament. Donations to my classroom would enable my students to use materials they would not have a chance to use in everyday life and see first-hand how they can grow with the technological world around them.

While fostering their passion for STEM these students are constantly learning and preparing for careers as engineers, software developers and collaborative entrepreneurs.  Their letters further demonstrate how well prepared they are becoming for future STEM careers!

Kamron Having Fun and Learning A Lot

 Lan Excited to Build It

Joseline Looking Forward to the Competition

David Enjoying the Organization Behind It

Melissa Cataloging the Different Pieces


We’re thrilled to have made an impact on the community of Jonesboro, GA and its students!  Check out our blog, twitter and facebook pages for other editions of #RTFSharesThanks!

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