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RTF Shares Thanks: Osmos in Ohio!

It will come as no surprise to our amazing donors that we were able to again support a wonderful robotics based project in Ohio. The real world connection between coding and robotics is just such as strong medium for teaching STEM in our classrooms today. As Mrs. Schmittauer described in her proposal:

In this age of teaching coding as an introduction to computer programming, our very diverse learners need the next level of hands on learning. Our students have limited experiences with coding. As they learn in my classes how to code, they need to see the benefit of coding as it relates to the real world instead of just for gaming. Students will use coding to create movement in robotic toys, Dot and Dash. The Osmo will be used to better understand how to code The Dot and Dash robotic toys move as they are coded. The goal is for students to see how creating movement by coding can solve real world actions. Challenges students will solve in cooperative groups will help them create innovative ways to solve real world problems.

Mrs. Schmittauer’s explains how 440 3rd to 5th graders at her elementary school have started coding for a few years now, and will, “now be able to see their coding action.” This is especially helpful for the younger students and those who tend to learn better in a less typical learning environment. These robotics combined with their Hour of Code exercises, are powerful building blocks. Seeing them in action one can already imagine the bright futures these students are building for themselves!

Mrs. Schmittauer shared her thanks:

Our students feel so fortunate to have received these products. We have spent the last few years learning how to code with the Hour of Code program. This has created an enthusiasm for students to learn and become more confident in coding. They have not been able to connect coding with anything that is not on a screen of a computer until now.

With the help of the robotic type of materials, they have been able to see how coding can move an actual object, a physical thing that they can make move. This has added another level to their motivation and excitement, as well as their learning.

We are learning how to use the materials as well as share them so that all students in our school have an opportunity to experience coding for different purposes.

We are quite fortunate to have these materials that help motivate learning. Many thanks for getting this program going at our school of 450 students. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Schmittauer

The excitement these projects bring to learning for these students is contagious. You can see the students building STEM skills and learning to work collaboratively with their peers! Seeing tangible results of their coding results helps these bright young kids prepare for what will soon be engineering their own projects as scientists, mathematicians, engineers and developers!

As always we can’t wait to share the students letters themselves!

The most lines of code was 38 and I was super happy!

I hope we do it more in class.

I hope you have an amazing holiday

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They are really cool!

Creativity on Display!

We’re thrilled to have made an impact on the community of Westerville, OH and its students and couldn’t thank 3M more for matching our donations!  Check out our blog, twitter and facebook pages for other editions of #RTFSharesThanks!

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